Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Best old Version of Facebook Messenger

Today i will show you facebook messenger features and its version for all the android phones even updates multiple times facebook messenger is a application for video calling and voip calls managing for facebook account user.

Straight to go without any extra talks this version of facebook messenger has every features that you need like 

  • No messenger ads 
  • Hd voice calls 
  • Multiple login
  • and header site user interface 
  • Old layout style
 you can save you messenger below click


For using this version of facebook messenger just go to your Google play store and disable auto updates.
Then you can use this easily or if you don't do this your version of facebook messenger will auto updates and its so annoying for every user.

version of facebook messenger if not available on above link please comment and you can also search on Google for it.  

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