Thursday, September 20, 2018

Friday, September 14, 2018

Better data plan Telenor Myanmar Offer

To a loss of data, Wastage မဖြစ်စေဖို့ * 979 * 2 * 2 # to call right now. Telenor users more convenience, the current data to improve programs and create a plan now.

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Telenor users more convenience, the current data has been introducing programs to improve and create a plan.

Remaining data has been added to the new program without having to purchase more money (7) days of user data in time to the delight of his plan just to buy more .Here plan to balance reach on adding content.

This new plan better data .Here What a dream!

How to use your data to pay because

Telenor is a user-friendly data plan, let us use only 1 GB 2 GB purchased. The better the new data plan .Here

   Additional new data plan to buy when to buy the remaining 1 GB of data a friend bought a new data plan .Here will be added.
   Invoices for 1 GB of data  no longer tenure expires. 

To check the amount of the balance of your data

If you call * 9124 #.

Custom Data plans to purchase rates and the amount of data that will be available below. Cascade from the Church around once to get the 'buy' button, or you can purchase are supposedly MyTelenor App 0.