Friday, November 16, 2018

How to Fix PS4 Error Code CE-40852-9 & What it Means

There's no greater irritating than downloading a on-line game, best for an unknown errors to halt the technique. whether or not you're 25 percent thru or nearly at the give up, no one desires to spend time looking ahead to some thing handiest for it to fail. PS4 customers have run into this trouble severs instances at some stage in downloads, often greeted via the mysterious blunders code of CE-40852-nine.

According to Play Station Support, error code CE-40852-9 is a server issue at the same time as no solution is offered, aside from contacting customer service, there are a few special tricks that appear to paintings.

Like maximum troubleshooting solutions, rebooting or restarting from time to time resolves errors code of CE-40852-9. A 2016 playstation  discussion board post asking for help with the error ended in a response from consumer virtual_luukz. while they didn’t “repair” their issue consistent with say, the user said that they had been in a position to finish the down load after failing and retrying severa times.

another submit to the forums presented a more concrete solution. consumer MideOdedairo counseled that increasing the connectivity velocity could clear up blunders code CE-40852-nine. To make the exchange, cross into “Settings”, “community”, “installation internet Connection.” once there, pick the applicable Wifi/LAN. later on, pick “custom”. make certain the IP address Settings are set to computerized, the DHCP Host call equals Do now not Specify, and the DNS Settings are manual. The primary DNS must be 8.8.eight.8, at the same time as the Secondary DNS ought to be eight.eight.4.four. finally, ensure the MTU Settings are automated and the Proxy Server reads Do no longer Use.

if you nevertheless get hold of error code CE-40852-nine in any case of that, touch the Play Station customer service line 1-800-345-7669.

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