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Earn money sharing short links on the Internet Complete Guide Here

Greetings! Hope everybody is fine and at the right place you searched So, Today am telling you About

 Top 10 Link Shortener That's Pays You Money  

clicksfly url shortner here

Clicks Fly is one of the trusted link shortener company, currently Clicks Fly offers up to $12 per 1000 visits and its minimum payout rate is very attractive which is $3.5. Like another URL shortener Clicks Fly also provides multiple payment methods to pay its publishers on time, including PayPal, Bitcoin, Payza, Bank Transfer and Paytm. Its minimum withdrawal limit is only $3. Also, Earn money on shortening links. Highest paying URL shortener network offers some good tools to boost publishers revenue quickly which are Mass Shrinker, Quick Link, API, Bookmark-let and Full Page Script. Also, its referral commission is very attractive, currently it offers 35% referral commission to all its users to refer other. So, why are you waiting to shorten the link and earn money on facebook?

Payment Options:

Payout for 1000 Views: Up to $12 (Minimum $3.5) 
Minimum Payout: $3
Referral Commission: 35%
Payment Options: PayPal, BitCoin, Payza etc.
Payment Time: Daily

But, recently I joined Best URL Shortener 2018 on my YouTube channel & Blog my earnings are 5x just because of awesome payments rates. I already got my payments multiple times in a month which is again fantastic. You can withdraw your amount anytime when you reach 5$. ShrtFly supports Indian users so they also add Paytm, UPI Indian payments gateway which is again cool. So I recommend you to try ShrtFly URL shortener I’m sure you will earn more.

Let me know if you have any query about the shortener you can comment down below. Thank you

Its Best link Shortener Ever Shorte is a highest paying URL shortener website which pays money on per click basis for your shortened links.

Best way to earn money online without investment but Hard work

What is Shorte?
Shorte is URL shorten Service, for sharing short links.

How it pays?

Shorte pays by URL links Monetization
Forex. If you need to share a Facebook or Twitter link, copy and paste the link in shorte URL shorten,, then copy the short link,
Share the links with your friends on Facebook Twitter what's app and Instagram.
If someone clicks the link a 5sec ad will be displayed and Redirects to Your page
Shorte Pays for the 5sec ad easily and instantly go for it without any other options
Recommend by the Expertise.


Adf.ly is classic URL shortener. One of the oldest and most trustful. The latest status attributed to this site by NBR is Legit. By looking at our grade you can identify whether its scam or legit site.

You can earn money by shorting the URLs and promoting them. You can promote just URLs or use Adf.ly tools to change every link on your website into Adf.ly link. There are also some other website tools, which help you earn with Adf.ly.

Also, you can choose between Interstitials and Top banner types of Adf.ly ads.

Rates are changing with time, but at the moment they are up to 2$/1000 impressions.

There are also bonuses for referring members: 20% from publishers and 5% from advertisers

You can withdraw, when you reach 5$, the first payout is done at the beginning of the month, next payouts can be withdrawn daily (after they reached the 5$ limit).

This website is available in English.

please note that the use of autosurfs is forbidden by Adf.ly. Your account could be banned.


 Friends we have recently seen so many url shortener networks that give money for each link visited, but did they give any guarenteed rates? No not at all, but i have got a url shortener that pays guarenteed rates or each url visited by visitors,
and a good news is that you will get sure 1.5 $ CPM, if your visitor comes from any low country and i got 3 times payment between 45 days and their minimum payout is just 5 $, And look on thier payout rates below.
Country EARN per 1000 VIEWS
Australia USD $4.6
United Kingdom USD $4.24
United States USD $4.1
Norway USD $4
Sweden USD $3.36
Canada USD $3.27
South Africa USD $1.83
Finland USD $1.83
Poland USD $1.78
Ireland USD $1.65
New Zealand USD $1.65
Netherlands USD $1.65
Brazil USD $1.6
All Other Country USD $1.5
So why you are waiting for, just sign up below with the link and get 2.0 $ CPM.


LinkBucks is that the address agent web site that pays quite one.2$ USD. it's another legal and sure address agent website and is that the favorite rival of Shorte.st. Linkbucks pays zero.5$ to 7$ per a thousand views(rate could disagree from country to country), Minimum quantity to withdrawal is $5.00. once you reach that, you'll method your payment area unit sent out instantly. Linkbucks can pay you 100 percent of their earning for a period. additionally thereto, you furthermore may get five-hitter of the earnings from the member that you just referrals send out Finally, you’ll conjointly earn 1 Chronicles of the earning from each member that those individuals send out also. it's best and conjointly you'll advertise with Linkbucks.


Al.ly could be an address shortening service. the newest standing attributed to the present website by NBR is Legit. By staring at our grade you'll determine whether or not its scam or legit website. -> The CPM (for 1'000 clicks, in french ^^) will go up to two.80 $ (Australia), it's presently zero.88 $ for France & USA. (I don't take into consideration the $ eight CPM, only for Gronland ^^) -> This website presently supports four payment processors that are: PayPal, Skrill, Payza & Payoneer. The minimum to withdraw your cash is $ one. however warning: for Payoneer, it's $ 20. -> there's a parental system: get a commission of two hundredths on the earnings of your sons. -> The CPM changes regularly: the grid is obtainable on the page below: http://al.ly/PayoutRates This website is obtainable in English.

You can make money by sharing shorten links. Just go through the link shortening website VisitL.ink 
Signup to start. Get any website links, App Links, Video Links, Movies Download Links,…etc and make it short here.

Now share these links to many social media sites like Facebook, Twitter,…etc. You can also scan the QR code through your mobile and share it on WhatsApp.

This way you will get many clicks on that links. And you will be paid for each click. You will get your payment through PayPal when it reaches up to the minimum threshold $ 10.

You did not need to invest any amount in this way of making money.
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